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1965 Shelby Cobra Replica

1965 Shelby Cobra Replica

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Nothing screams speed like a Cobra: real, replica, continuation, or otherwise. In September of 1961, former champion racing driver Carroll Shelby approached AC about building a car that would accept a V-8 configuration. Ford wanted a car that could compete with the radical new Sting Ray from across town. The name Cobra came to Shelby "in a dream", he recounted, and a legend was born. By 1963, the original AC Bristol-based Cobra was losing its initial supremacy in racing. In 1965, a new chassis was designed in cooperation with Ford, then developed by Shelby American and designated the Mark III. Necessitated by the suspension redesign and the wont for a greater contact patch, the car had wide fenders and a larger radiator opening. It was powered by the famed "side oiler" Ford 427 engine developing 425hp and attaining a top speed of 163 mph in the standard model and 485hp with a top speed of 180 mph in the competition model.

Many companies would later spring up with replicas of the original Cobra, among them that quickly rose to the top was Factory Five. Factory Five, now known as Factory Five Racing, became well known due to their extremely high standards and ease of construction. Since these were not authentic cars, many creative builders would go on to make their Cobra their own. Such is the case with this masterpiece on offer, which is one of the highest-quality examples of a Cobra replica anywhere.


Titled in Arizona as a 1965 Shelby Cobra with 1st place trophies to its credit for Best Roadster at the 2005 Nationals and costing over $90,000 to build, this unique car sports an incredible flawless black paint job featuring natural flames flowing over the sculpted hood and fenders. The centerpiece of the flames is a life-like COBRA about to strike, with venom dripping from right fang. The paint job alone cost $30,000! You will not see another 1965 Cobra painted like this one.

  • Exterior: The total re-paint is a result of the massive storm of January 2010 that hit the Russo and Steele auction in Scottsdale, Arizona. A tent was dragged across the vehicle breaking the windshield and all glass. There was absolutely no damage to the body (photos of the storm damage is available). As you can see by the photos, the paint restoration took over 8 months to restore with very high quality workmanship. Entire frame is painted Tangelo Orange.
  • Interior: The All NEW interior featuring Black leather heated seats with Crow 5-point cam-lock harnesses and white-face gauges add both safety and convenience. The dash is custom leather lined and signed by Carroll Shelby with a certificate of authenticity. Black double loop carpet.
  • Driveline: The 540 hp, 410 cu. in. Windsor motor was re-bored, stroked and fitted with many high-performance parts. For reliability and greater performance, a stacked fuel injection system with Ford Motorsports 42-pound injectors was used rather than carburetion as was coil-on-plug ignition instead of a distributor. Backing up the power plant, a Ram Heavy-Duty Clutch puts the power through a Tremec 3550 five-speed transmission and an independent rear axle. The car features independent front and rear suspension with Bilstein coil-over shocks on all four corners. Chrome side pipes with Lobak Racing auger type mufflers provide the sound (fantastic... deep, throaty and yet with compliant restraint... certainly quiet enough for around town and quiet enough for a freeway conversation with your passenger, but nasty enough sounding for the most ardent enthusiast). Additionally, power brakes and steering and a one-wire alternator round out the mechanical amenities.
  • Wheels & Tires: Halibrand 17" chrome deep-dish wheels are wrapped in modern Yokohama rubber.

One of the best-prepared Cobras on the market today, this one of a kind roadster is sure to impress.

Additional images available upon request.

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